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GENETRADE wood products


Genetrade Wood Products Ltd is a well-established producer and trader of wooden and building materials since -96. In Finnish markets we are an effective distributor with good market cover, know how in imports and offering our foreign partners good channel to Finnish markets. Our main customers are wood and building retailers, as well as the building, packaging, and various wood using industries.

Our strongest and oldest line is large variety of high quality, modern sauna products. Especially with our exclusive Alder and Aspen panels and linings, we are biggest single player in Finland. These became very popular here during last years, and like most of sauna items, are produced by ourselves in Estonia. We prefer long term relations and business models.

Always innovative, Genetrade approach is to deliver its partners, more and more profitable business opportunities. Domestic and foreign, by constantly seeking different and new solutions and products. Genetrade has created a global supply network and collaborates with the leading international manufacturers and producers.

Our export line is nowadays mainly from our sauna sector production. Offering competitive, reliable, easy and effective source for large variety of quality items of this line.


In Finland, Genetrade´s oldest and mostly known operation is supply of aspen and alder products for the Finnish sauna sector. Its still our biggest line, but we have since expanded and offer larger variety of this line products. Like with large variety of wood based panels, imported largely from East Europe and China. And some other items, we are increasing our variety and are always in the market for competitive producers interested in Finnish markets.

Productionally our activities are in Baltic states, mainly in Estonia, where we have our terminal for both Finnish and third market supplies. Third country exports includes mainly our sauna line in whole. Which is well approved, holding very strong position in the toughest sauna market on earth, that is, Finland. Which works in sauna here, works anywhere!



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